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MPOW Kids Headphones w/ Microphone, 2 Pack, w/ Sharing Splitter, 91dB Limit

MPOW Kids Headphones w/ Microphone, 2 Pack, w/ Sharing Splitter, 91dB Limit

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Having good sound quality is also a crucial aspect to prioritize for kids' headphones. Kids Headphones for school delivers Great sound quality with crisp, clear vocals and dynamic bass. Kids are so happy when they can wear their headphones to watch their shows, listen to their favorite music, or join their friends in online games.
For kids who have online classes, having a pair of kid's headphones with a microphone is a must. Being able to hear the lessons and their classmates can help improve their overall class performance and understand what the teachers are talking about. Toddler headphones are the best partner for your child to study, play games, watch animation, listen to music, and talk with friends, no matter whether at home, at school, on the go, on a train, or a plane.
To protect your kid’s delicate ears, you want headphones that aren’t only comfortable but can also provide effective hearing protection. With a volume limit of 91dB, wired kid's headphones for school can protect the vulnerable and sensitive ears of kids while giving parents a piece of mind, not having to constantly monitor the volume. It also allows the headphones to better compete with airplane rumble or car noises on road trips.
We all know toddlers love to chew on anything. Thankfully, the body of kids headphones is made from BPA-Free, kids-friendly material with soft on-ear cushions on each ear cup. At only 0.31lbs, they don’t exert any weight or pressure on your child’s head, thus ensuring the utmost comfort
2 pack kids headphones come with a sharing splitter, letting Children get used to sharing with family and friends. This is perfect for kids who want to bond with their siblings by listening to music together. It not only cultivates the habit of sharing in children but also shortens the distance between them and their siblings and elders.
The 3.5 mm plug is compatible with all 3.5 mm jack devices like iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs, laptops, and so on., helps your child to listen to the beautiful and true sound of the world. The foldable, lightweight design will easily fit in a backpack, a suitcase, or a school bag.
Children are naturally active and noisy. Whether at home, on a plane, in a car, or on a train, putting on our kid's headphones allows children to focus on their entertainment, learning and games, movies, animations, etc., so parents can do whatever they want without interruption.
Kids are experts at destroying things. Fortunately, kid's headphones can be twisted, pulled, and even dropped without breaking! No matter how the child uses or places them randomly, they will not be easily damaged. It is the preferred birthday, Children's Day, Back-to-School, party favor, or holiday gift for kids!
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