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Oregon 21" Deck Mower Fits Club Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman Models (21MGB1ML1X)

Oregon 21" Deck Mower Fits Club Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman Models (21MGB1ML1X)

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These are received wrapped from Mfr. in a bulk box, so there is not individual box or labeling on the item, but they are brand new, box picture is provided that they came in though.

Mulching Blade Re-circulates grass underneath the mower deck to be recut into fine clippings. Small clippings fall back into the soil providing a natural fertilizer and limits the time needed to rake, bag, and clean-up after the job is done.
Best when used with dry grass and weeds. Works will with fallen leaves as an alternative to raking.
Sharp-cut: Oregon blades are pre-sharpened at the optimum angle to provide a clean-cut from the first mow, the edge reduces the chance of tearing grass, which can lead to the browning of grass tips due to infection
26-point certification of unparalleled manufacturing quality and control standards for the highest level of safety and durability
Includes 1, 21" blade for a 21" deck. 2.25" in width, with a Bow-Tie center hole. Outer holes are 5/16" and Center to Center is 2-1/2"
Replaces Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman, and Bolens Orignal Equipment Blade Part Numbers: 942-0741, 942-0741a, 742-04276, 742-04380, 742-0741

BLADE PART NO.: 742‑0741, 942‑0741, 942‑0741A

BLADE PART NO.: 942‑0741, 942‑0741A, 942‑0741A‑X

Cub Cadet:
MOWER MODEL NO.: 11A‑A00X700, 11A‑A00X799, 11A‑A0A9897, 11A‑A0BR799, 11A‑A0S5731, 11A‑A1B1758, 11A‑A1KB783 RM140, 11A‑A1S5700, 11A‑A22J700, 11A‑A2AQ897 P21XL‑H, 11A‑A2BA700, 11A‑A2BA758, 11A‑A2BX799, 11A‑A40X897, 11A‑A4BA897 P21, 11A‑B0BA897, 11A‑B0BA897 P21HW, 11A‑B0BS799, 11A‑B0S5700, 11A‑B28S799, 11A‑B29V897, 11A‑B2BN704, 11A‑B2BW799, 11A‑B2BX799, 11A‑B2KB783 RM160, 12A‑A0A9778, 12A‑A0BE700, 12A‑A2B8799, 12A‑B2A3778, 12ABB22J799, 12ABD29V897, 12ABD2AQ897 SP21S‑H, 12ABD32J799, 12ACD29W897 SP21SE, 12AKD38S799, 12AKD3KB095, 12AKD3KB783 RM360, 12AKD3KH095, 12AVB15R799, 12AVB2A9704, 12AVB2KB783 RM205, 12AVB2RQ719, 12AVC62J719, 12AVC6RQ719, 12AVD6RQ719, 12AVD75R799, 12BGB2S6783 RM220, 12BVB15R799, 5521, CC439, CC469, CC46ES, CC46M, CC46MX, CC949, CC94M, CC98, CC989, CC98H, CC98K, CC98M, CC997ES, CC999ES, PR521, RM110 11A‑B12F783, RM120 11A‑B22J783, RM210 12AVB22J783, RM220 12AGB2S6783, S621, S621S, SC500, SC500E, SC500HW, SC500Z, SC621, SC621E, SR621, SRC621, SRE621
BLADE PART NO.: 490‑100‑C089, 490‑100‑M084, 742‑04276, 742‑04276S, 742‑04380, 742‑04380‑0684, 742‑0741, 742‑0741A, 742‑0741A‑X, 742‑0741‑X, 942‑04276, 942‑04380, 942‑04380‑0684, 942‑0741, 942‑0741A, 942‑0741A‑X, 9420741X, 942‑0741‑X, CC‑742‑0741, OEM‑742‑0641, OEM‑742‑0741

MOWER MODEL NO.: 11A‑A0S5700, 11A‑A1S5700, 11A‑A2S5700, 11A‑B0BL729, 11A‑B0BL765, 11A‑B0S5700, 11A‑B1BE729, 11A‑B2BN704, 11A‑B9A9729
BLADE PART NO.: 01002810, 490‑100‑M084, 742‑04276, 742‑04276S, 742‑04380, 742‑04380‑0684, 742‑0641, 742‑0741, 742‑0741A, 742‑0741A‑X, 742‑0741‑S, 942‑04380, 942‑04380‑0684, 942‑0741, 942‑0741A, 942‑0741A‑X, 942‑0741‑X, OEM‑742‑0741

MOWER MODEL NO.: 11A‑545734, 11A‑545D034, 11A‑546P034, 12A‑568Q034 BLADE PART NO.: 742‑0641

BLADE PART NO.: 703371

BLADE PART NO.: 335‑214

MOWER MODEL NO.: 11A‑426A011, 11A‑426A066, 11A‑426A711, 11A‑426C211, 11A‑426C266, 11A‑429R766, 11A‑436A711, 11A‑436A766, 11A‑436M011, 11A‑436M066, 11A‑436N063, 11A‑436N211, 11A‑436N266, 11A‑436T063, 11A‑439R766, 11A‑542Q711, 11A‑542Q766, 11A‑546A711, 11A‑546A766, 11A‑546N711, 11A‑549C766, 11A‑549Q766, 11A‑A22J766, 11A‑A23N011, 11A‑A23N066, 11A‑A23O211, 11A‑A23O711, 11A‑A23O766, 11A‑A26M011, 11A‑A26M066, 11A‑A26N211, 11A‑A26N266, 11A‑A2BM711, 11A‑A2BM766, 11A‑B0BL723, 11A‑B2AQ723, 11A‑B2BM766, 11A‑B2RQ766, 11A‑U2V2766, 12A‑446A011, 12A‑446A066, 12A‑446A711, 12A‑446C211, 12A‑446C266, 12A‑449A211, 12A‑449R766, 12A‑466A711, 12A‑466A766, 12A‑466M011, 12A‑466M066, 12A‑466N211, 12A‑466N266, 12A‑469R766, 12A‑536N063, 12A‑562Q711, 12A‑566N711, 12A‑566N766, 12A‑959K063, 12A‑998Q063, 12A‑998Q766, 12A‑999K063, 12A‑A1BP723 (2019), 12A‑A1BP723 (2021), 12A‑A2BU711, 12A‑A2BU766, 12A‑C2BU711, 12AD466N063, 12AD566N063, 12AD566N711, 12AD566N766, 12AE449A266, 12AE449D011, 12AE449D066, 12AE449E266, 12AF569O711, 12AF569O766, 12AGA2M6766, 12AGA2S6766, 12AK02MR766, 12AKC32N766, 12AKP3MR766, 12A‑L2DQ766 (2017, 2021), 12A‑L2DQ766 (2018‑19), 12A‑M2MR766, 12A‑N2DQ711, 12AVA2MR766 (2019), 12AVA2MR766 (2021), 12AVB2A3766, 12AVB2AQ711, 12AVB2AQ715, 12AVB2MR716, 12AVB2RQ766, 12AVO2A3766, 12BVB2MR766
BLADE PART NO.: 490‑100‑M084, 742‑0741, 742‑0741A, 942‑0641, 942‑0741, 942‑0741A, OEM‑742‑0741

Yard Machine:
MOWER MODEL NO.: 115‑410A000, 115‑410A084, 115‑410A147, 115‑410A372, 115‑411A033, 115‑412A129, 115‑412A134, 115‑413A000, 115‑414A302, 115‑418C129, 115‑418C134, 115‑423A382, 115‑424A033, 115‑425A000, 115‑426F372, 115‑428C000, 115‑428C023, 115‑428C141, 115‑808C000, 116‑410A000, 116‑411A033, 116‑412A129, 116‑413A000, 116‑413A304, 116‑414A302, 116‑418C129, 116‑424A033, 116‑424A733, 116‑424C372, 116‑428C000, 116‑428C141, 11A‑418A300, 11A‑418C033, 11A‑41MB006, 11A‑425G033, 11A‑429B033, 11A‑435E300, 11A‑439R004, 11A‑439S204, 11A‑439W300, 11A‑439W722, 11A‑544B004, 11A‑544K204, 11A‑549P118, 11A549W300, 11A‑54M9006, 11A‑54MC006, 11B‑413A033, 124‑848C000, 125‑148C000, 12A‑378N033, 12A‑378N733, 12A‑379B033, 12A‑458C033, 12A‑469B033, 12A‑469R004, 12A‑469S204, 12A‑469W722, 12A‑568Q118, 12A‑989Q795, 12AV569R004, 12AV569S204
BLADE PART NO.: 742‑0641, 742‑0741, 942‑0741, 942‑0741A

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