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Coconut Grove

10 Pool Dive & Play Toys, Reef Gang, 2 @ Sticks, Balls, Streamers, Rings & 3D

10 Pool Dive & Play Toys, Reef Gang, 2 @ Sticks, Balls, Streamers, Rings & 3D

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Note: To save you 33% on the shipping cost, passed directly on to you, these Dive Toys are removed from the box wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed in a Poly Shipping bag. If you throw out the box, this is perfect for you. If you are not, then search Coconut Grove in our store to find a listing that includes the box with these Dive Toys. But by removing the box we make the package smaller and make it a 3 lb. package vs a 4 lb. package.
Coconut Grove Dive & Play Pack Reef Gang Set of 10 Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef! Use the Coconut Grove Dive & Play Pack for even more fun when swimming in the pool.

The largest coral reef in the world is encircled by an undersea ecosystem that is unique inspiring and magical. This set features colorful Reef Gang characters to help kids discover our reef inhabitants like sharks octopus starfish and crabs.

Use these diving toys to help children develop and improve underwater swimming ability plus dive and retrieve skills. This set comes with two diving sticks two balls two 3-D streamers two diving rings and two 3D diving toys.

This set is suitable for kids 6 years and up. Adult supervision is required at all times when using the product.
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