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Maternity Compression Tights by Beister, 20-30mmHg Graduated Support Legging, XL

Maternity Compression Tights by Beister, 20-30mmHg Graduated Support Legging, XL

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70% Nylon, 30%Spandex
Ankle 8.1-11.8
Calf 11.6-16.5
Thigh 14.6-22

Beister will bring you medical compression circulation tights specially designed for pregnant women. They can provide graduated compression from the ankle to the abdomen at 20-30mmHg. The design ensures proper compression in the right areas, preventing blood pooling and reducing elevated heart rate. Improve blood circulation and oxygen flow for both mother and child, promoting overall well-being during pregnancy.
Experience the most effective way to prevent and relieve varicose veins, phlebitis, spider, cellulitis, and thrombosis with our medical graduated compression maternity leggings. Beister full leg compression pregnancy tights also alleviate swollen ankles, calf and thighs, as well as tired and achy legs. Once you've tried Beister compression maternity pantyhose, you'll want to continue wearing them for both health benefits and improved leg health.
Crafted with durable nylon and spandex fabric, our maternity compression support leggings stretch comfortably while providing effective support, easy to put on & take off. The opaque appearance pairs well with skirts or long tunics. The tulle material on the abdomen provides support while keeping the abdomen fresh and dry, and the slight pressure value gives the pregnant woman the support she needs without causing discomfort.
Beister pregnancy compression tights have two elastic bands, one of which has buttons sewn on the surface, you can adjust the pressure level to suit your needs, prevent slippage and buildup, this is specially designed to support the changes in your body during pregnancy, providing flexible and comfortable stretch for your growing belly and baby. Embrace the flexibility of Beister 20-30 mmHg maternity compression leggings.
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