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(PK-2) Fact Mory Safety Goggles / Glasses Chemical Lab Work Anti Fog Black

(PK-2) Fact Mory Safety Goggles / Glasses Chemical Lab Work Anti Fog Black

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Mfgr Information:
2pcs Safety Goggles Glasses Protective Eyewear- Anti Fog Clear Lens Wide Vision
Safety Goggles for Lab, Chemistry Work
Splash-resistant goggles provide you with scratch and impact-resistant eyewear that won’t get in the way of your visibility to offer protection against wind, sand, splashes, shock, and more to protect your eyes whether working or playing
Our safety welding glasses are made from military-grade PC explosion-proof materials which coupled with their lightweight and soft nose piece allow you to protect your eyes from flying shrapnel, splashes, dust, and more
If you’re worried about our protective glasses fogging up then don’t! Our sports and constructions safety goggles feature an anti-fog coating and breathable vents on the sides to prevent fog build-up even when wearing them for extended periods of time
Thanks to the transparent frame and over glasses design, these mechanics' safety goggles can be comfortably worn over prescription glasses, readers, or other glasses to provide just the right visibility and protection
Durable PC lens that is scratch and UV resistant as well as offer high light transmittance making them the perfect safety glasses for laboratory work, woodworking, constructing, drilling, sanding, welding, outdoor sports, and more
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