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Porcelain Collectors Coaster, 3-7/8"D, Tecklenburg, Germany, Legge Gatehouse

Porcelain Collectors Coaster, 3-7/8"D, Tecklenburg, Germany, Legge Gatehouse

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Family Vacation to Germany years ago, she was a collector of plates, a few of these I am going to list from Germany. Handcrafted, no cracks or damage seen, and colors are still vibrant on the plate. Our actual photos are provided for you.

This plate measures 3-7/8 inches Diameter.

The coat of arms shows an anchor and three seeblatts for Tecklenburg, Germany.

On the plate is Torhaus Legge, an Historical Landmark in Tecklenburg, Germany

The Legge gatehouse with its striking archway is centrally located in the old town of Tecklenburg. In 1660, Count Mauritz von Tecklenburg had a linen testing institute, the Legge, built in the gatehouse built in 1577. Linen production was of great importance for the Tecklenburg population for a long time.

Today the Legge is a central facility for those interested in art, whether painters, sculptors, graphic artists or photographers. Changing art exhibitions take place throughout the year and can usually be visited on weekends. These are organized by Tecklenburg Touristik GmbH.

Tecklenburg (German: [ˈtɛklənˌbʊʁk] is a town in the district of Steinfurt, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Its name comes from the ruined castle around which it was built. The town is situated on the Hermannsweg hiking trail.

Open for tourists today, but I could not locate another copy of this collector's plate anywhere online, so really not sure how rare it may or may not be.
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